Things I Use

If you see something on this list that interests you, feel free to reach out to me for more information if there's not enough here.

A largely recurring theme in my /uses page is just using what gets me by for the moment. Literally no one has asked for this, but it's a work in progress and will serve to continue documenting and justifying the money I spend.


  1. Getting Started with an Ethereum Node on a Raspberry Pi 4
  2. iPhone 5s Daily driver phone. Basic model and my first iPhone after having an Android for a few years. I've got a replacement battery waiting for when this one dies (again).
  3. 2010 Macbook Pro 13" My main workhorse. This thing is sloooow by today's standards. I've upgraded it with a 4TB hard drive to hold RAW camera files and maxed the RAM out at 8GB.
  4. Raspberry Pi 3B+ This SBC is a powerhouse. I use it to serve files on my local network, block ads, and run an Ethereum node. It's a great scratchpad for hosting websites locally in a staging configuration.
  5. Aukey Wireless Bluetooth Headphones These are such a great bang-for-your-buck pair of wireless headphones. They're basically disposable but definitely don't sound like it.


  1. Brave Browser Daily driver browser. Switched from Safari in 2018 and haven't turned back.
  2. VS Code So glad I switched to VS Code from Atom. The out-of-the-box features are great, and the extensions are easy to set up and use.
  3. Vue Dev Tools This plugin for Brave helps make Vue development easy to debug and track as you go, right from the developer tools built in.

Bike / Auto / Mechanical

  1. Truck Bed Lights These lights have been super useful and helps me utilize every hour of the day.

Just Trust Me

  1. KitchenAid Classic Forged Series 8" Serrated Bread Knife
  2. Anker PowerLine 6' USB - Lightning Cable
  3. Super Mario Party
  4. Liz Climo Calendar 2020