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Four Card Feature Section

Here's a second project from Frontend Mentor.

If you want to see the resources for this project check here: Four Card Feature Section.

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Thoughts and Notes

Well this was a frustrating exercise. Getting the three columns working on the "desktop" size breakpoint was pretty difficult. I always hate to use "magic divs" because they feel like cheating. This design required one magic div with a simple mx-auto class around the middle two feature squares. After that, I had to mess with the margins a bit for the different breakpoints as well for the "Karma" feature. Otherwise, it wouldn't have the correct spacing at both breakpoints.

Points of Interest

Where I Deviated

  • Dev (#15)
  • Thoughts and Notes
  • Fixed widths and no flexing just to make things simple
  • Margin collapsing?
  • Flex the right direction
  • This is a Magic div.
  • Boilerplate layout classes
  • Help me @eleventy
  • Basic content pre-styling
  • Set up recap section with changelog
  • Set up project section
  • Set up page front matter